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Fortune Oil and Gas (FOGC) operates two subsidiaries Cressent Energy Inc in Texas USA and Alta Mining Inc in British Columbia Canada.
Cressent Energy Inc is an independent oil and gas company actively engaged in the exploration, development and production of oil and gas in the state of Texas. Cressent Energy is dedicated to being environmentally responsible. Company places emphasis on the health and safety of the areas where they drill. The company currently operates 12 running wells, and holds 16 oil and gas leases. The company continues to bringing oil and gas wells back to production, aiming to revive up to 34 wells in 2011. Once finalized, the company expects these wells to pump up to 70 barrels of oil a day.

ALTA MINING INC. is a mining exploration company . ALTA explores for new deposits of precious minerals on the early stage exploration properties that are believed to have significant potential for finding large mineral deposits.

The Company's principal focus is to work on properties that tend to be explored in past thus showing a highly prospective geology, with significant potential for bearing an economically viable mineral deposit.

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